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A Better Way to Trace Scattered Refugees

The searcher can then contact a possible match through the Refunite platform. Mikkelsen said that so far, 750,000 people have registered. Countries with the most users are Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan and Iraq. That’s a tiny percentage of the world’s displaced and their families, and Refunite’s numbers reflect this; Mikkelsen said there have been about 6,000 reconnections so far. What about that ultimate search machine, Facebook? Well, Facebook is only for people who can read, have smartphones and can afford data. In some countries, that’s most people — Syrians, for example, are typically educated and middle class, and Skip Tracer indeed, few of them use Refunite. But 800 million people around the world can’t read, and only half of the world has access to the internet. Facebook is helping with this; its Free Basics program, which works with local mobile network operators to provide no-cost data service for specified sites, includes Refunite in 17 countries. “I think about a woman, 55 years old, three children, semiliterate, who flees from Somalia to Kenya,” said Mikkelsen.

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